Help, I'm Pregnant


We care about how you feel during this difficult time. It often helps to be able to talk about your feelings and how your decisions will influence your life, the life of your child and others.

Our counselors are licensed professionals who have substantial experience working with the struggles and challenges of an unplanned pregnancy. This FREE professional counseling will help you as you wrestle with the decisions and concerns you will face. If you are in the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area and don't have transportation, we'll be glad to meet with you in your home or bring you to our office. If you are in reasonable travel range outside the Metropolitan Area, we will travel to meet with you.

Good prenatal care is very important. (See "Health Risks" on the sidebar.) When needed, we can help you obtain medical care and assist you with financial planning.

After careful consideration of what is best for you and your child, you may decide to parent your child. (See "Single Parenting" on the sidebar) We will always respect your decision and will help you prepare for this task. Besides providing supportive counseling and valuable parenting information, we can assist you in connecting with the available community resources to help with your specific needs. Our commitment will be to help you in any way we can.

Adoption may be the tough choice you make to ensure your baby has the loving and secure family you believe he or she needs and deserves. We all want to consider the child's best interest.

You Make All The Choices.

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Child Development

First Trimester

Week 2 - Conception is the moment at which the sperm penetrates the ovum. Once fertilized it is called a zygote, until it reaches the uterus 3-4 days later.

Week 4 - The embryo may float freely in the uterus for about 48 hours before implanting. Upon implantation, complex connections between the mother and embryo develop to form the placenta.






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