Adoption Services in the U.S.


Want to Adopt?

Many questions probably come to mind when you consider building your family by adoption. While adoption has been around a long time, how it is practiced continues to evolve over time. We ultimately believe that God creates families and we are blessed to assist in that process. We are licensed in both Kansas and Missouri to place children into approved adoptive homes. In today’s world of adoption, it is usually the birthparents who select the adoptive parents. You will create a photo booklet and profile to assist them in knowing something about you and you will usually meet before the baby is born. Every situation is different but an experienced staff member will be there with you every step of the way.

You may have questions you want answered before you know if you are ready to adopt. Feel free to contact us with those questions or you may want to schedule an orientation meeting if you have lots of questions or are ready to begin your adoption journey. We can’t tell you exactly how your journey will go, but we will do our best for prepare you for the journey and advise you along the way.

African-American families are always invited to apply to adopt. Contact us for more information.

International Adoption

International Adopted children

Christian Family Services is experienced and happy to serve families in the international adoption process. Through our 30 years of adoption services to families, we have assisted many families through successful international adoption experiences. We have worked with quite a few agencies nationwide and would be happy to provide you with information about specific agencies and programs if we have knowledge about that agency or program. We have agreements with a number of agencies nationwide and look forward to welcoming your international adoption agency questions.

Our social workers have extensive experience in preparing home studies for both the Hague and Non-Hague adoption process. We are now Hague Accredited through the Council on Accreditation (COA). Our Hague Accreditation allows us to further enhance the services we offer and to ensure that we continue to go above and beyond what is required to best serve our families.

In utilizing Christian Family Services to assist in your international adoption you can expect the following:

  • A social worker knowledgeable about international adoption with a caring and loving heart for international adoption.
  • A home study that will comply with all state, federal, and country specific adoption requirements.
  • Frequent communication between your adoption agency and your CFS social worker.
  • Help and assistance with parts of your dossier preparation including fingerprinting, USCIS, and helpful tips about things on the state and local level.
  • The ability to update the home study if need be.
  • Assistance with completing required post-placement or post-adoption reports.
  • Explanation of the requirements for court proceedings (if necessary) for a recognition of adoption or re-adoption.
  • Ability to make appropriate referrals to medical professionals, attorneys, support groups, schools, cultural events, and local events pertinent to the adoption community.

 Please contact us if you are interested in learning about international adoption and how CFS can be an integral part of that adoption journey.

Home Studies

What is a Home Study and why do I need one?

Adoption Home StudyAdoption can take many forms, and may include the adoption of a relative or step child, an independent adoption facilitated by an attorney, or an international adoption. Law requires that adoptive families have a home study completed.

Although it can be a lengthy and intensive process for the adoptive parents, legal and child-placing authorities wish to be assured that a child who has been disrupted once already will be given a strong chance of stability, safety and success in the adoptive home. The home study involves meeting with an adoption worker who will gather many pieces of information about your family and compile the information into an official format.

We provide International and Domestic Home Studies

What can I expect when CFS conducts my Home Study?

  • An affordable and comprehensive home study completed in a timely manner
  • Caring and experienced professionals who are available to answer your questions at any time before, during or following your home study process
  • The expertise and integrity of a licensed, non-profit, child-placing agency that has been serving families since 1982
  • Staff who are skilled at working with attorneys, the court system, birth parents, Citizenshipand Immigration Services and domestic and international child-placing agencies in order to ensure that children are provided with loving homes

 CFS also provides Post-Placement Supervision Services

To find out more about international or domestic adoptive home studies or adopting through CFS, contact us. Please note that CFS can only conduct home studies in Kansas and Missouri.

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